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Our acting lessons are fun! They are suited for all ages and abilities and are a great confidence booster for children both inside the classroom and out.


Learn to sing in a profesional environment.

You'll be taught all the important aspects of singing

from the warm up to belting out those high notes.


We teach a mixture of dance styles to prepare students for the performing world. The students are taught strong technique as well as funky stuff!

Musical Theatre

You need to know it all and Musical Theatre brings all elements together into performances. You'll learn great stage presence and perform in front of audiences....Break a Leg!

Vison Productions

Every year we organise our own production locally

taking the students to different theatres keeping it exciting and new!

Vison have been very lucky to have performed at Her Majestys Theatre (home of Phantom of the opera) 4 times, as well as The O2 Indigo and are about to perform at the Shaftesbury!